Amanda Michelena

The Landlady.

An alchemist and an artefact gatherer that mutated from nostalgia and the constant feeling to be missing her beloved ones in a place called Venezuela, with the intentions to honour that life we had there in new artistic forms, to never forget what happened and to inspire new generations to build and rethink the future of the place we call home.


The story of Villa Lachemine.

Villa Lachemine was founded in 2019 by Amanda Michelena, a Fashion Styling and Production graduate from London College of Fashion. She has set her eyes in Latin America and gave birth to the brand to share the love she has for her beloved country Venezuela and the infinite culture the continent has to offer.


In her own words: 

“This space is an open love letter to the best years of my life in a place in time and space called Venezuela, where you will find all the love I received and now continue sharing in a new artistic form. Is a frustrated meditation, a place to share the memories I have left in my head, that somehow they meet halfway with the reality I recreated outside of that special place. A nostalgic gathering of my favourite artefacts and with them, an emotional attachment that no words could describe with precision, a cathartic protest and a place of cultural exploration of the places I miss the most. Remembering the past, being present, rethinking the future.” ​


- Amanda Michelena.